Fruity Loops Doughnut Bath Bomb

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Add a pop of color and fun to your bath with the Fruity Loops Bath Bomb from Cosgrove & Lewis Soaps. This vibrant bath bomb has been playfully designed to resemble a doughnut, sure to appeal to those with a whimsical sense of style, or those who are young at heart.

Vibrantly hued, this bath bomb is a burst of colors that mirror the excitement and energy of a child's favorite fruity cereal. But it's not just about visual appeal, this bath bomb also creates a bath experience that will make you feel like you're floating in a tropical fruit drink.

The scent is a delightful and invigorating blend that evokes memories of sweet, crunchy breakfasts from childhood. The top notes of lemon rinds, lime, and grapefruit are tangy and tantalizing, reminiscent of a burst of fruity cereal flavors. This is followed by middle notes of lemongrass, lily, and verbena that add a fresh green and floral twist. As the bath bomb dissolves, it reveals the comforting base notes of vanilla sugar, adding a touch of sweetness that perfectly balances the zestiness of the citrus notes.

But the Fruity Loops Bath Bomb is more than just a fun and fragrant bath accessory. It also boasts an array of skin-loving ingredients. The cocoa butter frosting on top slowly melts into your bath, filling the water with rich, nourishing moisturizers. This bath bomb is packed with avocado oil and shea butter, both renowned for their ability to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin. Lastly, the added Epsom salts help soothe and relax the muscles, making this bath bomb an excellent addition to your stress-busting, self-care routine.

Each Fruity Loops Bath Bomb from Cosgrove & Lewis Soaps offers a multisensory experience: the bright colors create a visual spectacle, the complex fragrance stimulates your sense of smell, and the rich, skin-nurturing ingredients provide a luxurious feel. It's a playful, invigorating, and pampering bath-time treat that combines fun, fragrance, and skin care into one delightful package.