Wholesale Customers

Cosgrove & Lewis Handmade Luxury Soaps and Bath Products can be a profitable addition to your retail store. They smell great, look great, and always attract attention. Our retailers always see a nice increase in bath products sales.

C&L Products are perfect for:

  • Boutique Grocery Stores
  • Natural Foods and Local Products Stores
  • Gift Shops
  • Spas
  • Garden Centers (for our Gardener’s Products)
  • Antique Malls

Bar Soap

C&L Bar Soaps come in more than 150 colorful and fragrant varieties with new soaps coming out twice a month. Precut, they weigh an average of 4.5 ounces, += .5 ounce.

We have soaps for specific skin conditions – dry, oily, damaged, sunburned, sensitive, discolored, and aged skin. We have special “detox” soaps containing activated charcoal and tea tree oil, GREAT to help treat dandruff and microbial skin conditions.

Some contain a pumice and/or cornmeal exfoliant, and some contain a ½ inch thick slice of luffa molded right into the soap. Some contain herbs and spices, coffee, and natural homeopathic ingredients.

We have shaving soaps with exclusive oils and clays to soothe skin and soften hairs, African black soap made with real charcoaled plantain and cacao husks, with 50% organic shea butter, and other specialty soaps.

All our bar soaps contain NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS and no preservatives. All are moisturizing, pH balanced, and soothing. Our customers get addicted and come back time and again.

Free Stock Rotation and Replenishing

For stores within 25 miles of Memphis, Tennessee we will visit once a month to rotate and replenish stock. If a product isn’t selling in your store within 30 days, we will replace it at no charge with something new at your request. If your store is outside our primary service area we will replace and replenish by UPS or US Mail at your request. (You pay the shipping charges.)

Custom Manufacture – C&L can custom manufacture soaps and lotions with your colors, scents, imprints, and branding. Ask us to help design something for you.



New Account Orders:

Pay for your first order in advance. Subsequent orders are Net 15. We need your Blanket Certificate of Resale with Sales Tax Number on file, please.

W9 Form

You can download our W9 form at this link.

Existing Account Orders:

For approved accounts, payment terms for reorders are Net 15.

Order Submission:

You can submit your order any way you like - phone, email, carrier pigeon, or reorder when we visit your shop in person. You can also pick up or exchange in person at any of our farmer's markets our live events.

Payment Types:

We accept payment by check, PayPal, cash or credit card.


We will do our best to offer you exclusivity for the specific C&L products that you sell, within your market area except when we are present at a live event near you. If that happens we'll post your signage along with ours and direct customers to repurchase from you. Please discuss your needs with us. We’ll try to accommodate.

Custom Orders:

We can formulate a "signature" product for your shop, which will be sold exclusively by you, with a minimum purchase of ten pounds of soap (32 bars). You can design the colors, soap properties, scent, and embedded ingredients. Contact us to discuss your needs.


In-stock orders outside of our delivery area are shipped within 2-3 business days via USPS Priority Mail (Flat Rate mail) or UPS. Inside our delivery area, we will deliver to you ourselves. You can also pick up in person at any of our farmer's markets or live events.

Returns and Exchanges:

We will gladly swap out any products that aren’t moving for you, at no charge, within 30 days. You pay the shipping back to us, or if you are on our regular delivery route, we will deliver to you at no charge. We accept returns for credit within 10 days of delivery. Contact us in advance to work out the details.


Contact us today! Phone: 901-251-0664 or email debra@cosgroveandlewis.com