Chocolate Cake Doughnut Bath Bomb

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Indulge in chocolate bliss with Cosgrove & Lewis' decadent bath bomb, Chocolate Cake. Lovingly shaped and frosted like a tempting pastry, this fizzy tub treat is crafted with skin-nourishing cocoa butter, avocado oil, shea butter and detoxifying Epsom salt.

As it slowly dissolves, breathe in the mouthwatering aroma of moist chocolate cake fresh from the oven. Feel stress fade away as you imagine sinking your teeth into the ultimate chocolatey delight.

The moisturizing oils leave skin silky smooth without staining or greasing your tub. Emerge from your choco-soak renewed and ready for sweet fun. With its playful frosted shape and blissful chocolate scent, Chocolate Cake bath bomb turns bathtime into a scrumptious escape.

Let thoughts of gooey fudge frosting and chocolate shavings carry your cares away. You'll step from the tub pampered in body and spirit, skin nourished and inner child delighted. Your tub is a bakery - don't forget to lick the bowl!