Double Salt Spa Bar

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Awaken your senses with Cosgrove & Lewis’ invigorating artisanal soap, Double Salt Spa Bar. Expertly handcrafted with skin-nourishing coconut oil, bubbly castor oil, sustainable palm oil, olive oil, and cocoa butter, this soap is infused with an abundance of crisp peppermint essential oil. As you lather up, feel the brisk minty aroma bring your body and mind to attention.

Allow the tingling peppermint to penetrate pores and get your blood pumping. An exfoliating duo of Dead Sea salt and Himalayan pink salt provides a gentle polish while detoxifying the skin. Your body will emerge smooth, refreshed, and touched with a healthy glow.

Step out renewed and ready to seize the day with clarity of purpose. With its zippy peppermint scent and mineral-rich salts, Double Salt Spa Bar soap transforms your daily cleansing ritual into an aromatic retreat that awakens your senses. You’ll step from the shower focused, energized, and eager to breathe new life into your routine. Caution: May cause uncontrollable cheerfulness!