Sweet Dreams Doughnut Bath Bomb

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Handcrafted with an eye for detail, this whimsically shaped bath bomb brings a sense of joy and luxury to your bathing routine. The doughnut shape isn't just charming to look at, it promises an immersive bath experience that pampers your skin while invigorating your senses.

At the heart of the Sweet Dream bath bomb, you'll find a treasure trove of skin-loving ingredients. Avocado oil, renowned for its deep moisturizing capabilities and abundance of essential nutrients, indulges your skin in a bath of nourishment. Shea butter, known for its incredible soothing and hydrating properties, enriches the bath experience further. Epsom salt, a well-known muscle relaxant, turns your bath into a therapeutic haven, easing away the tensions of the day.

Adding to the indulgence is the bath bomb's delightful frosting of cocoa butter. This lavish topping not only contributes to the playful doughnut aesthetic but also provides deep hydration, leaving your skin with a velvet-smooth finish.

The true highlight of the Sweet Dream bath bomb, however, is its captivating fragrance. It wraps you in a warm embrace of fruity and floral notes, creating an atmosphere of tranquil bliss. The scent of ginger and lime, fresh and invigorating, is overlaid with a combination of musk, sandalwood, and amber. This creates a delicate, sensual undercurrent, enhancing the fragrance's complexity and allure.

As the bath bomb dissolves, it releases this intoxicating aroma, transforming your bathroom into a luxurious sanctuary. Your skin feels divinely soft, nourished, and subtly perfumed with the enchanting scent of Sweet Dream.

Embrace the ultimate bathing luxury with the Sweet Dream Doughnut-Shaped Bath Bomb by Cosgrove & Lewis - a delightful treat that promises a sensory experience as beautiful as a sweet dream.