Tuberose Soap

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Indulge in floral decadence with Cosgrove & Lewis' artisanal soap, Tuberose. Expertly handcrafted with skin-nourishing coconut oil, bubbly castor oil, sustainable palm oil, olive oil and cocoa butter, this soap gets its delicate pink hue from French red kaolin clay. But the real star is the heady floral fragrance of tuberose, transporting you to a tropical oasis with every inhale.
As you lather up, feel the stress of day-to-day life drift away. Allow the tuberose's narcotic sweetness carry you to faraway lands filled with fragrant blooms and sultry nights. Its exotic perfume evokes images of torch-lit verandas and moonlit lagoons.
The natural oils and clay gently cleanse and tone, leaving skin petal-soft and radiant. With Tuberose soap, your daily shower becomes a luxurious escape and sensual ritual. Step out renewed, skin nourished and your senses enlivened.