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Day at the Beach: This soap is one of my favorites and so pretty! It reminds me of being in Destin and smells beautiful. It has a slightly exfoliating texture, and my hands are always softer and look nicer after using it.

Detox: My husband has scalp psoriasis and uses this product every morning. It had really helped control break outs and scale. If you struggle with this condition, you know that it is difficult to find any product that actually works. We highly recommend and are delighted with this soap.

- picturegerl

I am totally addicted to this soap! (1350 Oil Soap) It has a rich, spicy aroma and wonderful disinfecting properties. The story behind this soap sealed the deal for me! BEST. SOAP. EVER 

- Suzanne Denman, Memphis, TN


I visited your booth at the Pink Palace Crafts Fair and we had such a fun conversation! I purchased soap for my husband who suffers from scalp psoriasis. (Detox Soap) He has been using it on his head with wonderful results! He has used it all and would like to buy more... Happy to be able to help get the word out about this wonderful option for psoriasis. I liked all of the selections chosen for myself, and gave them as presents to special people in our lives, who now are also fans.

- PKP Memphis, TN


As manager of the ‪#‎Hernandofarmersmarket‬ I have the opportunity to savor some of the most delicious produce, baked goods, ice cream, and drinks. I also get to try some of our products from our artesian vendors. Today I want to share my experience as a first time user of Cosgrove & Lewis Handmade Soaps.

I want to say in advance I have every reason to be biased, because I love all of my vendors tremendously, but I am highly impressed with a particular product and I want you guys to know this review is genuine. I live in Eudora ( AKA mosquito capital ) and we are proud owners of 3 beautiful dogs.

When Cosgrove & Lewis began making a new line of soaps for dogs I got kind of excited! I received my bar of dog soap Saturday and just used it on our Portuguese Lab Texas. She is med to long haired, and loves a bath! I bathed her outside at mosquito prime meal time of 7:30 PM in our front yard.

The soap lathered really well, which I was kind of skeptical about at first, and smelled AMAZING. It's made with lemon grass (which naturally repels mosquitos) and tons of other great smelling goodness that is good for your dogs coat and skin. I had not ONE mosquito bite me the entire time I was outside bathing Texas, and the best part of all is there was ZERO "wet dog smell" after!

If you are looking for a local product that works, I highly recommend this product! Cosgrove & Lewis is at the Hernando Farmers Market on Saturdays. Please let her know how you found out about this product, she will be thrilled to see you!

- Melissa Conn


We sold so many today!! :) So happy with everything you guys are doing!!



I have been a happy customer of  Cosgrove and Lewis for many years.  My entire family (from ages 5 to 65) enjoys using their soaps because of how moisturized and healthy our skin feels from the natural essential oils used in making the soaps. My husband and son really like the Cosgrove and Lewis shaving soaps and have so for many years.

My  respect for  this company has grown  as I have  gotten to know the owners of Cosgrove and Lewis.  They go the extra mile to find the purest and best quality ingredients to make their soaps and  products.  Their workmanship, production and labeling of their products is trustworthy and they excel in serving their customers with integrity.

I  recommend Cosgrove and Lewis handmade soaps because every ingredient that goes in their essential oil soaps is natural and good for skincare.

Try some of these wonderful products and you'll soon be singing their praises with other happy customers like me!

- T Bowie, Memphis, TN


Here's one of the things I love about Debra Lewis's and Rob Cosgrove's company. The high attention to quality and detail in everything about their products. The insistence on near perfection. It's so like my way of thinking when I make things with my own hands. When I buy soaps from them, Debra will not allow me to walk away without each one being wrapped individually the way she does for every customer. (She does know best. It keeps their scents from mingling among bars.) Plus, all their soaps smell delicious, feel wonderful and look beautiful. They ship! Easy and thoughtful Christmas gifts, right here!

- Lisa Lingo, Memphis, TN



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