Sandalwood with Exfoliant Soap - 4.5oz Bar (+-.5oz)

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Rich Indian sandalwood fragrance gives this soap its amazing scent. It also contains two kinds of exfoliants - very fine black walnut powder, and fine volcanic pumice powder. This soap contains sandalwood fragrance oil. We have chosen to use fragrance oil instead of essential oil because the Indian sandalwood tree is in danger from over harvesting for its valuable oil. We've sampled both, and while we don't usually like to use fragrance oils, this is a case of where doing so is helping save forests. This product is 97% natural.

Weight: 5.0oz +- 0.5oz

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Purified water, Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Cocoa Butter, fragrance oil, pumice powder, ground black walnut shells, natural color. Lye (sodium hydroxide) was used in the manufacture. The product was fully tested to ensure no lye remains in the finished product.