Lemongrass Gardener's Essential Oil Soap

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Refresh tired hands with Cosgrove & Lewis’ energizing artisanal soap, Lemongrass Gardeners. Expertly handcrafted with skin-nourishing coconut oil, bubbly castor oil, sustainable palm oil, olive oil and cocoa butter, this soap gently exfoliates with mineral-rich pumice powder.

The crisp scent of lemongrass essential oil evokes warm afternoons tending your garden. As you lather up, feel the grassy citrus notes invigorate your spirit while the exfoliating pumice buffs away dirt and dryness from hard-working hands. Allow thoughts of your lawn and lovingly tended flowerbeds wash your stresses away. Your skin will emerge conditioned, nourished and touched with a healthy glow.

Step out feeling grounded, renewed and ready to seize the day. With its zippy scent and exfoliating pumice, Lemongrass Gardeners soap transforms your cleansing routine into an aromatic retreat that renews body and mind. You’ll step from the shower focused and revitalized, eager to nurture your outdoor oasis. Just try not to hum too loudly as you pull weeds!