Farmhouse Fennel Essential Oil Soap

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Awaken your senses with Cosgrove & Lewis’ invigorating artisanal soap, Farmhouse Fennel. Expertly handcrafted with skin-nourishing coconut oil, bubbly castor oil, sustainable palm oil, olive oil and cocoa butter, this soap is infused with the crisp, licorice-like scent of fennel essential oil.

As you lather up, breathe deep and feel the cooling aroma energize your spirit. Allow the crisp aniseed notes to focus your mind and wash your stresses away. Feel renewed like a breath of fresh country air. Your skin will emerge conditioned, cleansed and touched with a healthy glow. Step out grounded, enlivened and ready to seize the day.

With its clean fennel fragrance, Farmhouse Fennel soap transforms your daily cleansing into an awakening aromatherapy ritual. Rediscover the revitalizing magic of simple pleasures, if only for a moment’s escape. You’ll step from the shower eager to appreciate life’s everyday adventures, from sunrise to sunset.