Impressionist (Narcissist) Doughnut Bath Bomb

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Some companies call this scent "Narcissist" but we don't like to name products after serious personality disorders. I mean, would you name a soap "Sociopath"? Neither would we, so we named it Impressionist. 
As it this bath bomb dissolves, breathe in the complex blend of musky patchouli, spiced orange blossom, cinnamon and anise. Feel tension fade as you envision yourself in a candlelit art studio, moved by rich scents and vibrant visions. The moisturizing oils leave skin petal-soft without a hint of tub ring. Step from your indulgent soak renewed and inspired.

With its tempting shape and transportive fragrance, Impressionist bath bomb turns bathtime into a soothing spa ritual for the senses. Let the vivid scents and scenes carry your thoughts to beautiful new imaginings. You'll emerge with skin nourished and spirit awakened to the unique artistry you hold within. Your tub is a canvas - don't forget to paint outside the lines!