Midnight Jasmine Soap

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Introducing "Midnight Jasmine" – an exclusive, artisanal soap handcrafted meticulously by the luxury soap experts at Cosgrove & Lewis. This exquisite bathing companion reflects the spirit of enchanting night flowers, capturing their ethereal allure in a delicate blend of aromas.

Midnight Jasmine stands out with its blend of nourishing base oils, each carefully chosen to give you an unparalleled bathing experience. The infusion of coconut and olive oil is known for its moisturizing properties, creating a lush lather that leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft to touch. Castor oil adds a distinctive creamy froth and enhances the soap's cleansing ability, while cocoa butter provides an added layer of protection, locking in moisture for long-lasting hydration. The sustainable palm oil in the mix ensures a firm yet creamy texture, promising longevity with every use.

The true charm of Midnight Jasmine lies in its mesmerizing fragrance. The soap tells a tale of a floral escapade, beginning with the fresh and vibrant notes of orange blossoms and violets. As the narrative unfolds, the heart reveals a luxurious blend of jasmine and honeysuckle, their fragrances intertwining in an intoxicating dance that captivates the senses. The scent journey reaches a conclusion with a base of rose buds and a subtle hint of musk, adding depth and warmth to the overall aroma, reminiscent of a serene, moonlit garden.

Midnight Jasmine by Cosgrove & Lewis is a tangible testament to craftsmanship, quality, and luxury. This is not just a soap; it is a celebration of nature's enchanting aromas and the nourishing essence of pure ingredients, creating a bathing experience that is as therapeutic as it is indulgent. Enjoy the symphony of floral splendor and feel the magic of the midnight hour with every use.